Assessment Task Guidelines

"Defenders of the Empire" postcard c. 1916 from First world War. Com

HSC Modern History Part I: Core Study

World War I (1914- 1919): Source Based Study

Cumulative Portfolio Assessment Task (Weighting 25%)

Due date:

Outcomes addressed: H1.2, H3.2, H3.3, H3.5, H4.1, H4.2

Syllabus ICT content Non-Syllabus ICT
Students learn to:
• locate, select and organise information from different types of primary and secondary sources, including ICT, about key features and issues related to WWI
• communicate an understanding of the features and issues of WWI using appropriate and well-structured oral and/or written and/or multimedia forms including ICT.
• interact in an autonomous, positive and constructive way with online course components.
• work individually and collaboratively using ICT
• demonstrate competency in basic computer and software operations.
• develop an appreciation of the uses of ICT as a tool for historical research and future learning in any field.

This assessment consists of two parts:

1) Selection of tasks completed using ICT

This component is designed to take some pressure off you by being mainly class-based. You will be marked on your performance and work produced in all lessons involving ICT interactions and the submission of tasks online and in hard-copy. All your work that you complete using the class Blog contributes to your assessment.

You will also be given two small homework tasks which are to be completed in addition to the class ICT lessons. These tasks will be posted on the class Blog (http://year12ww1.blogspot.com) on Monday and must be completed by the Friday (12 midnight) of the same week.

All tasks are to be submitted online as a “comment” on a specific posting, saved in your school folder on the network and handed in as a hardcopy in case of technology failure.

Computer, internet and printing/scanning facilities are all available at school, so you have plenty of opportunity to complete your set work here even if you haven’t got access to a home computer or printer.

You will be marked on your use and understanding of historical issues, sources, use of ICT skills and interaction with other students through ICT.

Worth 15% of your mark.

2) PowerPoint Presentation (including oral element)

This assessment may be completed in pairs or on your own in consultation with your teacher.

Select an area of the unit that you are particularly interested in. This may be a specific battle, the effects of propaganda, the entry of the USA etc. Next you must construct a question that you would like to explore. This may take the form of an essay-type question. If you cannot think of a question you would like to do, ask your teacher to help you construct one.

You are to complete a PowerPoint presentation that will be given in front of your own class and Year 11 Modern History, answering your chosen question using a variety of primary and secondary mixed media sources. You were given an example of the use of PowerPoint in lesson 1 of this unit, and before this assessment is due there will be time for you to explore how to use PowerPoint and its features as well as think about what makes a presentation great!

You will be marked on your use of sources, your approach to your question, your use of ICT, and your accompanying speaking skills.

To present your assessment you will have access to a laptop and SmartBoard.

Worth 10% of your mark

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